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The Lesson Grid is the summary of your lessons for the week.  Pick your age group, pick your week, and check out all of the great ideas!  

Look at details of each lesson by clicking on it.  

Print all the lessons for the day by clicking Print & View.  

Let parents know what you'll be teaching this week!  Click Print & View to print Lesson Grid Details and post it on your Parent Board!

If you want to change a lesson on the grid, go for it!  Just click on the one you want to replace, then either search for a new lesson or create your own!

How do I search for lessons?

You can search by any keyword!  This includes learning goals, supplies, people, places or things! 

If you want to find lesson plans that meet a specific educational standard, simply type the code into the search box.  For example, if you want math lessons that will help your students duplicate and extend a pattern, type MA4C into the search, and voila!  The codes for all of the educational standards can be found here

To expand your search, make sure the subject box shows “All Subjects.”

When you are searching lessons, you’ll only pull up those that fit your age group.  If you want to find lessons for another age group, just go back to your Lesson Grid, select the age from the drop down, and then begin your search.

How do I create a lesson?

At the bottom of your Lesson Grid, click the Add button and then click Create at the top of the page.  If you want to use the lesson for yourself, just enter the info and click Save. 

If you want to share your lesson with other Funnydaffer users, click the button at the bottom of the page before clicking Save.  We’ll review your lesson, may make some minor edits or clarifications, and then will share it with the world!  Please be sure that the lessons that you submit are original to YOU and that you’re not submitting information copyrighted by someone else. 

When you’re searching for lessons, you can find the ones that have been created by our Funnydaffer Members because you’ll see this picture:  J

Other Members will be able to find your submitted lessons by typing your user name in the search box!  For example, if your email is, you’ll be able to search for BestTeacherEva to find all of your submitted lessons.

Be sure to check out the Resource Library!
The Resource Library is FULL of templates, tools, songs, shapes, colors, animals, letters, assessments and guides that will give you tons of ideas for your classroom!