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Top 10 Things to Know
About Funnydaffer

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1. The Lesson Grid

The Funnydaffer curriculum provides an entire year of daily lessons that are developmentally appropriate for a variety of age groups. Each day includes five teacher-directed lesson plans, five center-based lesson plans, a teacher tip, an assessment focus and two lessons chosen by YOU!

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2. Lesson Plans

Each Lesson Plan provides step-by-step instructions, a supply list, learning goals and educational standards that are met by the lesson. In addition, many lessons have step-by- step pictures and templates that you can print and use in your classroom.

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3. Search and Replace a Lesson

You have the flexibility to customize your Lesson Grid and select new lessons anytime you want because your database has thousands of lessons that are completely searchable! Simply search any topic, learning goal or supply you’d like to use and our magic Funnydaffers will find a variety of lessons that meet your search criteria (and yes, we did say magic Funnydaffers)!

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4. Save Your Favorite Lessons in Your Favorites Folder

Anytime you find a lesson you love, you can save it to your Favorites folder for future use. You can then visit this folder when you are looking for new lessons to add to your Lesson Grid.

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5. Write Your Own Lesson

While we think you’ll find many incredible lesson ideas in your Funnydaffer database, sometimes you just want to write your own amazing plan...and you can! Just follow the prompts, write your own perfect lesson and insert it into your Lesson Grid. You also have the option to share your lesson with other Funnydaffer members for them to use as well. It’s up to you!

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6. Daily Printout or View on Phone

Whether you’re old school or new school, Funnydaffer has you covered! Your 14 daily lessons can be viewed and printed together or you can choose to view your lessons on a tablet or phone in your classroom. Either way, you’ve got easy access to your daily plan!

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7. Supply List

Time to go shopping!!! Funnydaffer provides a detailed Supply List for your personalized Lesson Grid. You’ll find your supplies organized into four categories – Art Supplies, Grocery Supplies, Tools and Extras. You can also adjust the dates on your Supply List by day, week, month or year to make your shopping easier. How cool is that?

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8. Standards Grid

Even though we have FUN, FUN, FUN in the classroom, we know that learning gets DONE, DONE, DONE! So we need to show state and national accrediting agencies that your lesson plans meet their standards. Your one-click Standards Met button will display each standard and show the number of lessons in your Lesson Grid that deliver the educational standard. You can view these standards by day, week, month or year.

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9. Resource Library

Welcome to your Resource Library! Here you’ll find Lesson Templates, Classroom Tools, Parent Involvement Materials, School Resources and much more. Simply search the library and print out the documents that you like. It’s always there for you!

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10. More To Come!

We’re just getting started! Tell us what you like. Tell us what you want to change. Tell us what to add. You work hard every day and we’ll keep working hard to make your job easier. We love to hear feedback – so give us your thoughts. We hope you love what we’ve done so far, but keep pushing us to get better!

Over 10,000 lessons.


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