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Tips & Tricks

How do I search for new lessons?

To get to Search, simply click on any Lesson Title or the Add button at the bottom of your Lesson Grid.  You can search by any keyword - including learning goals, supplies, people, places or things!  To expand your search, make sure the subject box shows “All Subjects.”

When you are searching lessons, you’ll only pull up those that fit your age group.  If you want to find lessons for another age group, just go back to your Lesson Grid, select the age from the drop down, and then begin your search. 

Can I search for a specific Educational Standard?

You can!  The best way to do this is to type the Educational Standard code into the search box.  For example, if you want math lessons that will help your students duplicate and extend a pattern, type MA4C into the search, and voila!  The codes for all of the educational standards can be found here

How do I write my own lesson?

If you want to replace an existing lesson and write your own, simply click on the lesson you want to replace.  At the top of the next page, click Create Lesson and write your masterpiece!  If you want to add a lesson to the bottom of your Lesson Grid, click the Add button and then click Create at the top of the next page.

If you want to share your lesson with other Funnydaffer users, click the button at the bottom of the page before clicking Save.  We’ll review your lesson, may make some minor edits or clarifications, and then will share it with the world!  Please be sure that the lessons that you submit are original to YOU and that you’re not submitting information copyrighted by someone else.

How do I print my Supply List or Educational Standards?

From your Lesson Grid, click on Supply List or Standards Met and select the dates you want.  Then, right click anywhere on the page and select Print.  Easy peasy!

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Funnydaffer Background

When one of our developers was three years old, she marched up to her mother with a pencil and a piece of paper and instructed her mom to “write this down!”  And with all the confidence a three year old can muster, she announced to the world that her new name was Noelabub Funnydaffer Loveareeba Shareeba Sherrard!

This spirit of creativity and infinite possibility defines childhood and is the catalyst behind all that we do.  Think of the lesson plans provided within Funnydaffer as the seeds of discovery for our next generation of dreamers and doers.  As the teachers and cheerleaders for this special group, YOU are the critical link to their future success.  Thank you for all you do!  We hope you find the ideas in Funnydaffer helpful.  We’ll keep working hard to make them better everyday!

What is a Funnydaffer?

Funnydaffer is a complete, fully-customizable curriculum for preschool teachers!  You can follow our daily lesson plans, search for new lessons or even write your own.  As you adapt your weekly Lesson Grid, your Supply List and Educational Standards Grid adjusts to reflect the supplies and standards in YOUR lessons!  But don't forget your Resource Library - it's loaded with helpful templates and tools for you to use in your classroom!
(A funnydaffer is also a fuzzy creature that makes you happy :)

Who should use Funnydaffer?

Funnydaffer is designed for new teachers, veteran teachers, kindergarten teachers, elementary teachers, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas and babysitters!  While our step-by-step approach is ideal for new teachers and parents, experienced teachers will find incredibly easy-to-follow lesson plans to supplement their daily curriculum.

Is Funnydaffer a complete curriculum or a supplement to my existing curriculum?

It’s both!  We provide a complete daily curriculum of step-by-step, age-appropriate lesson plans for you to use in your classroom!  You can follow this plan everyday or search, replace or write your own lessons as you see fit.

Our Funnydaffer Curriculum is an updated version of O2B Kids Curriculum (2014, 7th Edition) which has been selected by the Florida Office of Early Learning as approved curricula that meets the School Readiness Program performance standards. 

Who are you people?

Funnydaffer is being created by teachers for teachers!  We're a bunch of folks who have been working in the trenches of the early childhood industry for more than 20 years.  We currently operate twenty-one preschool locations in Florida and Georgia and we LOVE what we do.  We're crazy creative, crazy hard-working, crazy fun and just plain crazy...about helping children love to learn!  (JUST LIKE YOU!)

Educational Philosophy

Do you believe in a teacher-directed or child-directed learning environment?

Clearly both are important.  While a child will naturally learn to talk, that same child must be taught how to read.  While this suggests that both teacher-directed and child-directed learning is essential, we believe the best classroom environment is one with open centers, open choice and a rich variety of options for your students.  The lessons provided by Funnydaffer can be incorporated into these centers - sometimes in a child-directed way and sometimes in a teacher-directed way to a small group of eager learners.


Account Information

How do I change my password?

Click on My Account.  In the My Profile box, click to change your password.

How do payments work?

Your recurring payment runs monthly on the day you sign up.  The payment is for one month of access to Funnydaffer.  If you pay on the 15th of the month, your Membership continues until the 14th of the following month, and your next payment will run on the 15th

If your payment doesn’t go through, the Membership will be cancelled.  You may sign up again at any time by updating your payment information.

How do I change my payment information?

Click on My Account.  Under the Subscription box, click Recurly Dashboard.  Here you can view your invoices and update your payment information.

How do I cancel my Membership?

We hope you enjoy your Membership and want to continue using it!  But, if you want to make a change, no worries, you can cancel any time.  To do so, click on My Account.  In the Subscription box, click Recurly Dashboard and then click Cancel Subscription. 

When you click Cancel, your payments will no longer run.  You will be able to continue using your Membership until it expires.